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Neave Pools offers a variety of shade structures so that you can extend the usability of your poolside and outdoor area! These shade structures come in the form of tents, awnings and many more decorative designs to add a touch of aesthetic appeal to your backyard while providing up to 98% UV protection for you and your family.

The following are just a few examples of sun shades using a variety of fabrics and materials:

Shade Sails
One of the most popular type of sun shades around, we use a UV-resistant fabric that comes in a wide range of colors to properly accent your outdoor area. Shade sails can come in any number of sizes and designs to allow you to customize your shade space to your liking.

A cantilever style umbrella shade

This design is popular amongst those looking for a sun shade that requires very few additional support posts. Cantilever sun shades can require up to four posts, but most require two posts and some can even be designed with none using the existing structures around the pool to anchor the shade. This can leave your pool deck free of obstructions, and Neave Pools can certainly help you design an outdoor sun shade that can allow your outdoor area to be free of excess clutter.

A pergola on a patio in front of a pool

Falling somewhere between a sun shade and a cabana is the pergola, a wooden structure that can be integrated in to the current aesthetics of your outdoor area offering permanent weather protection from overhead. The beauty of pergolas is that they can be custom fit to blend in to your outdoor area, and colorfully decorated using accessories like floral arrangements. Pergolas are a great option to cover walkways and add a wonderful touch of shade and style to your outdoor area.

Not only will shade structures offer your family and friends protection from the sun, they perform incredibly well. Most are either low-maintenance or maintenance-free. Advances in fabric technology allow your sun shades to hold their shape and color over an extended period of time.

Improve your outdoor area by building a shade structure. Come with your own ideas or allow our Neave Pools staff to help you create the perfect complement for your pool side. Contact us today to get your shade structure.

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We had an idea for a pool and spa. The designers from Neave sat with us, reviewed our concept, and came back with their design in the form of a beautiful computer rendering. Several months later, we now have an amazing pool and patio that matched the rendering we were presented with. The professionalism of each of the Neave contractors throughout the process was amazing and we are extremely satisfied with the final result!
Christian G.Yorktown Heights

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